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Computer Security Day

Computer Security Day - 2013

Computer Security Day is an annual event that is observed worldwide on the 30th November. It is designed to raise awareness and to promote best practices in Information Security. The event provides insight into the privacy and security issues surrounding electronically stored sensitive information and offers ways to keep your computer and data safe. To observe this day, CERT-MU, a division of the National Computer Board organised the following events:
gray-arrow.gif A full Day Cyber Security Conference on the 2nd December 2013 targeting Business Executive, Senior Management and Information Security Professionals at the Conference Hall, Ebene Cyber Tower 1.
gray-arrow.gif ​An exhibition to showcase the latest products on Information Security on the 2nd December 2013 at the ground floor of the Ebene Cyber Tower 1.
gray-arrow.gif Three professional training programmes related to Information Security in 1st and 2nd Week of December 2013
The cyber security conference, exhibition and professional trainings were organised in collaboration with Symantec, IBM, Harel Mallac Technologies, Check Point, RSA, FireEye and Oracle Corporation.
During the full day Cyber Security Conference, distinguished speakers from Mauritius and abroad were invited to discussi the current challenges and future opportunities in cyber-security. The range of topics covered broad and diverse in order to allow the participants to:
  • Acquire knowledge and to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies on the field of Information Security.
  • Gain an understanding to better safeguard their most valuable information asset.
  • Opportunities to engage with speakers and other attendees during the event.
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