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Computer Security Day
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About Computer Security Day

However, business executives still believe that their organisation’s information security practises remain high. The odds, on the other hand, are not in their favour. Too often and for too many organizations, diminished budgets have resulted in degraded security programs. Risks are neither well understood nor properly addressed. The number of security incidents is on the rise. Senior executives frequently are seen as part of the problem rather than keys to the solution. Given today’s elevated threat environment, businesses can no longer afford to play a game of chance.
Information security today is a rapidly evolving game of advanced skill and strategy. As a result, the security models of the past decade are no longer effective. Today’s information security leaders acknowledge that playing the game at a higher level is required to achieve effective security. They know that the very survival of the business demands that they understand security threats, prepare for them, and respond to them quickly.
In this context, the Computer Emergency Response Team of Mauritius (CERT-MU) has been conducting various technology update workshops during the past years. These workshops are mostly geared towards the adoption of Information Security in corporate institutions in Mauritius. Apart from these half-day workshops, CERT-MU also organises a major event in the month of November each year, coined as the Computer Security Day, this event is an internationally acclaimed full day conference organised in various countries of the world on the 30th November.  It is a way of reminding all computer users that computer security and safety is an important personal and workplace responsibility.
CERT-MU is organising the following:
1)   A full day conference with the participation of high profile resource persons and interactive panel discussion on specific tracks (2nd December 2013)
2)   An exhibition to demonstrate latest security products (2nd December 2013)
3)  There is a proposal to run three training programmes, free of charge:
                  i)    Check Point Software Blade Administration Training (1 Day) - 3rd December 2013
                  ii)   Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1: Administration by  Symantec Corporation (2 Days) - 4th – 5th December 2013
                  iii)  PGP Universal Server 3.2 Administration by Symantec Corporation (2 Days) -  9th – 10th December 2013